JLC Studios

An index of the web presence of one Joseph L. Chu. I am in the process of consolidating some of the domains together into one site. This list is not exhaustive as I'm sure I've probably forgotten something.

Cognitive Scientist

Status: Online but out of date.
A site about my previous academic research. Due to non-disclosure agreements, I cannot really discuss my more recent work in detail.


Status: Placeholder.
I like the word, but I'll admit I'm not sure what this should be. I briefly hosted some experimental demos here, but resources are currently being used on other things.


Status: Occasional updates.
My blog.


Status: Worldbuilding.
A wiki where I am putting most of my creative writing and game design mechanics.


Status: On hiatus.
The former independent development team that was briefly active between 2014 and 2016.

Earthquake Predictor

Status: Continuing experiments when time permits.
An attempt to predict earthquakes using an artificial neural network. The site depends on a script on the server to update the info, which may or may not be running at the moment.

Innate Truths

Status: Truth?
A simple page that tries to explain the meaning of life or something.

Pax Scientia

Status: Theorizing.
A wiki where I am placing most of my philosophy and speculative science essays.

Sakura Dreamers

Status: Adventuring.
A shared blog for the romantic adventures I have with my fiancee.

Soundcloud - Josephius

Status: Online.
My Soundcloud for various musical composition attempts.

Youtube - Dreamstasis Channel

Status: Online.
My Youtube channel for various media creations.

My social media accounts include: Facebook, Twitter (placeholdered), and the obligatory LinkedIn.

You can also find my accounts on GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket under the alias Josephius, but don't expect to find much, as my repos are private.

Other aliases I have frequently used in the past for forums and games include: Darklight, Dakker, Zethrin, and Athaerius. Very rarely I have used the pseudonym John Leciphus as it is an anagram of my full name.

An archive of my old portfolio site can be found here.